US Treasury Checks

Several of you have posted comments about receiving checks from the US Treasury, referencing the Dickwad Duo.  Okay, maybe they didn’t print that on the check.  Maybe.   These checks are very likely not related to the Receivership but related to the restitution.  I checked the docket a few hours ago and there is no mention of the Receiver filing a plan to pay the victims.  Also, the Receiver filed the eleventh report today and there is no mention that payments have been issued.

You may recall that the criminal case concluded with not only prison time, but also a combined restitution of $124,542,945.55 – meaning that between the two of them, they need to pay all that back to the victims.  To the best of my knowledge, they can garnish a portion of prison wages, monies dropped into their prisoner account, and SSI (although prisoners can’t collect while incarcerated) for restitution.

I don’t have much information beyond that.  I don’t know what’s been garnished or seized, nor do I know if or when more checks will be issued.

All I can say is, <sarcasm>don’t spend it all in one place.</sarcasm>

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