Timeline of Events Available.

I recently realized that there’s so much new information coming to light that I can no longer keep my written notes organized with any semblance of sanity – it’s a mess.  Court documents also tend to be organized by subject matter or charge, so they bounce around on the dates, making it hard to get an accurate timeline in my head while reading a document.

So I hunted down a WordPress plugin that lets me do timelines.  The only drawback is that the dates have to be listed exactly.  This means that when the Receiver says that in the third week of August 2014, I can’t say August, Week 3, I have to list something like August 17th. Whenever this happens, I will point out that the date is not exact and what it should roughly read.

I have to wrap up work for my very last bookkeeping client ever (hurrah!) but as soon as I finish, I’ll get back working on this timeline. It’s very incomplete at present and I have to fill in some references.  A big part of the work is that I’m going through each document from the word “go” while cross-referencing my notes and updating as needed.

The timeline will be available in the menu bar at the top from now on.

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