A Look Back: Interview from Maui

For those who were not able to follow the Quatloos thread religiously or did and simply forgot reading about this.

Tednewsom mentioned in January 2014 that he saw an interview with Joel on an Australian investment site and conversed with the interviewer, but could not recall the site.  MarvinGardens did eventually find it, but said that it was not longer available on the original site, Capitalist Exploits.

Wayback Machine to the rescue! You may remember the WABAC machine from the Peabody’s Improbable History segments of the Rocky & Bullwinkle Show.  Well, in the internet sense, the Wayback Machine is a website which has been archiving the internet since the mid-nineties.  If there’s a website, there is often a copy of its’ various versions at the internet archive. It was in the archive that I located the original transcript of the interview and the archive included the comment section wherein one of the site owners decides that NASI smells fishy.

I can’t copy-paste the entire interview here, for copyright purposes, but you are free to step through to November 10, 2011 and see what Joel had to say for himself back then as well as the comments that followed.


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