Hoffman vs Ackermann

Below is the court docket for case 2-17-cv-01102, the civil case against net winner Karl Ackermann. For simplicity and readability, the descriptions have been shortened.

Updated through 12/19/2017.

06/05/201714Notice of Voluntary Dismissal
04/26/201713Order Granting Stipulation to extend Deadline for Defendant to File a Responsive Pleading to the Complaint
04/26/201712Joint Stipulation for Extension of Time to File Answer to June 15, 2017 RE Complaint
  1. Proposed Order
04/26/201711Service under FRCP 5(b)(2)(D)
04/12/201710Notice of Change of Address
02/16/20179Initial Standing Order
02/15/20178Order RE: Transfer Pursuant to General Order
02/14/2017721 Day Summons Issued
02/13/20176Notice to Parties of Court-Directed ADR Program filed.
02/13/20175Notice of Assignment
02/10/20174Notice of Interested Parties
02/10/20173Request for Clerk to Issue Summons
02/10/20172Civil Cover Sheet
  1. Exhibit A
  2. Exhibit B