Holiday Blessings

On this, the morning before a day of some kind of peace and joy…ugh I just can’t.  I did six years in retail.  Hearing non-stop Christmas music for eight to twelve hours a day, six days a week will give you an unholy hatred for this holiday.  I swear to you that one day I heard the same song four times in a row by four different artists.  I almost lost my shit.

Anyway, one great thing about this holiday is that shortly after Christmas two years ago, Ed & Joel were incarcerated.

If they had gotten what they wanted, they’d be just about out of jail by now or…actually they might have been out.  There’s some rule about how you actually serve something like 80-85% of your time if you’re a good boy.  Since I doubt they would have caused any trouble in jail, they might have been out by Thanksgiving and on supervised release.

But that didn’t happen because the judge knew that justice couldn’t be served by giving a light sentence to two men who robbed Peter to pay Paul for fifteen years.  I haven’t heard anything about Joel’s current condition, but Ed said in a declaration on one of the class actions that he was living in the infirmary.

So, they spend another Christmas in jail, thinking about what they did to get there. Except that they’re Jewish, this post should have been done on December 11th and they might harbor some justified resentment of Christmas in general.

Heartfelt good wishes to all the victims of this scam, including the net winners who now have to pay back some or all of what they thought was rightfully theirs, and the innocent members of the Gillis and Wishner families.  I hope next year is better than the last three.

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  1. Thank you and Happy Holidays to you! I repeat thank you so much for all that you have done to keep us informed in that nothing comes from the receiver😏

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