Tarnol vs CNB

Below is the case summary for case BC641712, Marvin Tarnol et al vs City National Bank et al. What you see below is copied and pasted verbatim from the case summary.

The case was dismissed without prejudice on 07/09/2017.

Contains all entries through 12/19/2017.

DateDocumentFiled by
07/06/2017Request and Entry of Dismissal (w/o prej; entire action of all parties and all causes of action )Attorney for Plaintiff/Petitioner
06/26/2017Motion to Strike (spcl mtn-strike complaint purs to CCP sec 425.16; MPA )Attorney for Defendant/Respondent
06/26/2017Declaration (of Jeanne E.Irving )Attorney for Defendant/Respondent
06/26/2017Demurrer (to complaint; mpa; )Attorney for Defendant/Respondent
06/26/2017Motion to Strike (complaint; mpa )Attorney for Defendant/Respondent
06/16/2017Ord-Appt Apprv Rptr as Rptr protem (IRENE KUBERT #10105 )Attorney for Defendant/Respondent
06/12/2017Report-Status (JOINT STATUS REPORT )Attorney for Defendant/Respondent
05/02/2017 Stipulation and Order (TO EXTEND THE STAY ON PLEADINGS AND DISCOVERY )Attorney for Defendant/Respondent
04/19/2017Notice-Related Cases (BC655806 )Attorney for Defendant/Respondent
03/28/2017Notice (OF RULING AT STATUS CONFERENCE )Attorney for Defendant/Respondent
03/28/2017Proof of Service (OF NTC OF RULING AT SC )Attorney for Defendant/Respondent
03/17/2017Report-Status (JOINT )Attorney for Plaintiff/Petitioner
03/08/2017Report-Status (JOINT STATUS REPORT )Attorney for Plaintiff/Petitioner
02/07/2017Notice of Ruling (from status conference )Attorney for Defendant/Respondent
02/03/2017Receipt (complex fees paid for Brian Fitzwilliam )Attorney for Defendant/Respondent
02/02/2017Receipt (complex fee paid for Marvin Tarnol )Attorney for Plaintiff/Petitioner
01/31/2017Stipulation and Order (RE AUTHORIZING ELECTRONIC SERVICE; (CASE ANYWHERE **) )Attorney for Defendant/Respondent
01/31/2017Stipulation and Order (FOR EXTENSION OF TIME FOR CITY NATIONAL BANK TO RESPOND TO COMPLAINT; )Attorney for Defendant/Respondent
01/24/2017Notice (OF COURT ORDERS RE: RELATED CASES )Attorney for Cross-Defendant
01/19/2017Notice (of case mgmt and OSC hrngs )Attorney for Plaintiff/Petitioner
01/11/2017Notice-Case Management ConferenceClerk
01/11/2017OSC-Failure to File Proof of ServClerk
01/09/2017Miscellaneous-Other (CIVIL CASE COVER SHEET RE: DECLARING CASE COMPLEX. . PLTF TO FOLLOW UP AT CCW/COMPLEX )Attorney for Plaintiff/Petitioner
12/29/2016Notice-Related Cases (WITH BC606667/COMPLEX AT CCW 3/total (notice of related must also be filed at CCW & ruling from CCW) )Attorney for Cross-Defendant
12/22/2016Ntc and Acknowledgement of ReceiptAttorney for Plaintiff/Petitioner
12/22/2016Proof-Service/SummonsAttorney for Plaintiff/Petitioner