Hoffman vs Turell, H & L

Below is the court docket for case 2-15-cv-06720, the civil case against net winner(s) Harvey Turell and Linda Turell. For simplicity and readability, the descriptions have been shortened.

Updated through 05/11/2016.

03/22/201635Vacating Motion for Settlement Approval of Hardship Settlement
03/21/201634Notice of Withdrawal of Motion for Settlement
03/09/201633Order to Continue Hearing Date
03/03/201632Stipulation to Continue Hearing Date
02/26/201631Motion for Settlement Approval of Hardship Settlement
02/08/201630Minutes of Scheduling Conference
02/01/201629Joint Report: Discovery Plan; Estimated Length of Trial 1-3 Days
01/12/201628Order Setting Scheduling Conference
01/07/201627Certificate and Notice of Interested Parties
01/07/201626Answer to Amended Complaint
12/28/201525Proof of Service
12/28/201524Proof of Service
12/16/20152321 Day Summons Issued RE: Amended Complaint/Petition
12/15/201522Amended Civil Cover Sheet
12/15/201521Request for Clerk to Issue Summons on Amended Complaint/Petition
12/15/201520First Amended Complaint
  1. Exhibit A, B
12/15/201519Response filed by Plaintiff
12/09/201518Order to Show Cause
10/09/201517Proof of Service
10/02/201516Order Granting Extension of Defendants' Deadline to Respond to 11/30/2015
09/30/201515Joint Stipulation for Extension of Time to File Answer
  1. Proposed Order
09/30/201514Application for Order for Approval of Joint Stipulation Regarding Extension of Deadline to Respond to Complaint
09/24/201513Proof of Service
09/23/201512Initial Standing Order Upon Filing of the Complaint
09/14/201511Order RE: Transfer Pursuant to General Order
09/04/201510Notice of Errata filed by Plaintiff
09/02/20159Standing Order Regarding Newly Assigned Cases
09/02/2015821 Day Summons Issued
09/02/20157Notice to Parties of Court-Directed ADR Program
09/02/20156Notice of Assignment to Judge Gutierrez and Judge Abrams
09/01/20155Notice of Interested Parties Filed by Plaintiff
09/01/20154Notice of Related Case
09/01/20153Civil Cover Sheet
09/01/20152Request for Clerk to Issue Summons