Hoffman vs Grobelny

Below is the court docket for case 2-16-cv-05029, the civil case against net winner Judy Grobelny. For simplicity and readability, the descriptions have been shortened.

12/01/201624Minutes in Chamber - Amended Order - Case Dismissed with prejudice
12/01/201623Minutes in Chamber - Case Dismissed without prejudice
11/28/201622Joint Stipulation to Dismiss Case with prejudice
11/14/201621Order/Referral to ADR Procedure
11/14/201620Scheduling and Case Management Order RE: Jury Trial
  1. Schedule of Pretrial and Trial Dates
11/03/201619In Chambers Orders. Scheduling Conference Vacated
10/25/201618Notice to Parties (Judge Gee location)
10/21/201617Joint Report
09/21/201616Scheduling Meeting of Counsel
09/19/201615Notice of Interested Parties
09/19/201614Answer to Complaint
09/12/201613Notice to Filer of Deficiencies
09/09/201612Notice of Change of Address
09/01/201611Stipulation Extending Time to Answer the Complaint
08/30/201610Notice of Dismissal as to Ilene Grobelny, Stan Grobelny
  1. Affadavit Proof of Servicer
08/17/20169Proof of Service
07/12/20168Initial Standing Order
07/11/2016721 Day Summons Issued
07/11/20166Notice to Parties of Court-Directed ADR Program filed.
07/11/20165Notice of Assignment
07/08/20164Notice of Interested Parties
07/08/20163Request for Clerk to Issue Summons
07/08/20162Civil Cover Sheet
  1. Exhibit A
  2. Exhibit B