Hoffman vs Morris

Below is the court docket for case 2-17-cv-05176, the civil case against net winner William Morris. For simplicity and readability, the descriptions have been shortened.

Updated through 12/19/2017.

12/06/201721Abstract of Judgment issued in Favor of Plaintiff in the amount of $82,500.
11/30/201720Judgment entered in Favor of Plaintiff
11/30/201719Default Judgment is Granted
11/30/201718Minutes of Motion Hearing. No appearance is made on behalf of defendants. Default Judgment is taken under submission.
10/31/201717Motion for Default Judgment
  1. Declaration re T. Hsu ISO Motion for Entry of Default Judgment
  2. Declaration re A. Kudla ISO Motion for Entry of Default Judgment
  3. Proposed Order
10/17/201716Minute Order in Chambers. Plaintiff shall file and serve a motion for default judgment no later than 10/31/2017.
10/17/201715Order to Show Cause is Discharged
10/16/201714Default by Clerk
10/12/201713Request for Clerk to Enter Default Against Defendant
  1. Affidavit Proof of Service
10/11/201712Order to Show Cause RE: Dismissal RE: Lack of Prosecution
09/11/201711Proof of Service
09/11/201710Proof of Service
07/26/20179Order RE: Transfer Pursuant to General Order
07/19/20178Assignment to Judge Olguin
07/14/2017721 Day Summons Issued
07/14/20176Notice to Parties of Court-Directed ADR Program filed.
07/14/20175Notice of Assignment
07/13/20174Notice of Interested Parties
07/13/20173Civil Cover Sheet
07/13/20172Request for Clerk to Issue Summons
  1. Exhibit A
  2. Exhibit B