Is there any way I can help get more documents on-line?

You can help…but since navigating PACER is…stupid sometimes, I don’t recommending trying unless you already know how to use PACER.

If you know how to use PACER you can help out by adding RECAP to your browser and downloading missing documents using that browser.  So you don’t have to waste money searching for the court case, I’m going to put links on each library page for easy access to that case’s docket report page.  Remember, don’t download any document that RECAP is telling you is already uploaded to their archive.  Someone else could have already pulled it and I just haven’t gotten to it yet.  Also remember that PACER doesn’t give you $15 free a quarter, it’s just if you use less than $15, you don’t owe it.  But if you go over $15, you owe the whole thing (that’s the $15 plus however much you went over).  Be careful.  It adds up fast and the billing history takes a while to update.

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